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Hello RSS Club!

This is a special article for the RSS Club, but feel free to save or share this link. You can join by subscribing to my RSS feed.

This article is only visible to those who have subscribed to my site via RSS. So if you are reading this, then you are a member of the RSS Club!

My favorite thing about RSS is the autonomy that it gives you as a reader. You have the freedom to subscribe to content that interests you. That could be textual, like this blog, or images or audio. You choose the content, and then you choose how to consume it with an RSS Reader. It bypasses the vendor buy in of content platforms and puts you in the driver’s seat.

These days I’ve been enjoying FeedBin for reading RSS feeds. The best features for me (though not unique to FeedBin) is piping newsletters into the reader. I had built up a few subscriptions in my inbox, but that never felt like the right platform for reading content. If your RSS reader has the option, I recommend it.