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A photo of Sean McPherson smiling

My name is Sean McPherson, or Sean McP for short, and I am a software engineer in Pittsburgh, PA on a mission to help people help people. I currently work for Khan Academy building web applications.

Before that, I worked for in Pittsburgh helping students and parents find the right school. At Niche, I organized weekly “Learn Over Lunch” sessions to facilitate shared professional development.

And before that, I worked for TSYS Digital Innovations in Atlanta creating products for financial institutions and their clients. I helped them focus on recruiting new talent and pushed for open-sourcing software.

I have had the opportunity to:

After college, I spent three years teaching at public and private schools. It gave me valuable experience in learning, planning, and speaking, and my goal is to bring those lessons into all of my work. This website is an example of that.

Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my wife (married ‘14), two sons (born ‘18 and ‘20), and our three-legged dog (adopted ‘17). I like soccer and am very involved in my church.


Do you have an exciting job opportunity for me? Check my availability here.

For all other inquires, you can send me an email, connect with me on LinkedIn, or reach out to one of the other accounts in the footer.