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Hey, I'm Sean McP

My name is Sean McPherson, and I’m a software engineer at Khan Academy building web and mobile applications in React. On the side, I like to work on little projects that help make people’s lives easier.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family (wife, two sons, and dog), playing and watching soccer, re-playing my favorite board games, and trying not to embarrass Jesus Christ.

Recent articles

New command palette

I added a new new command/control K command palette to my site. You can use the keyboard shortcut or activate it by clicking the magnifying glass in the header.

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Latest note

Note #48

There was an interesting Slack thread at work today discussing how to meet and make friends as an adult. A lot of folks chimed in and shared their experience and some things that have worked for them.

As a Christian who is active in a church community, I’ve never encountered these challenges. But I’m empathetic towards those who have: meaningful in-person relationships are necessary and increasingly difficult to find.

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