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Hey, I'm Sean McP

My name is Sean McPherson, and I’m a software engineer at Khan Academy building web and mobile applications in React. On the side, I like to work on little projects that help make people’s lives easier.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family (wife, two sons, and dog), playing and watching soccer, re-playing my favorite board games, and trying not to embarrass Jesus Christ.

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Portable custom search engines

Custom search engines (sometimes called site search) are a great browser feature, but they aren't easily ported from one browser to the next. I created a portable web app to handle your custom search engines from any browser.

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Latest note

Note #47

Reflecting on the recent situation at Twitter, Dave Rupert wrote:

Now we are barn-less. Silo-less. Wandering open pastures for the next watering hole.

Wherever you end up I want to offer an idea; you are the value. Your ideas, your insights, your compassion, your ability to help someone in need, your dumb puns and dank memes; that’s what’s valuable.

That’s encouraging to me, because I have the autonomy to choose a platform or build one that suits my needs. This site is an example of that.

But what about the folks who are unable? Even if they realize they are the value, where are they to go? I’m afraid the options are limited; they’re stuck trading a frog for a toad.

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