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Hey, I'm Sean McP

My name is Sean McPherson, and I’m a software engineer at Khan Academy building web and mobile applications in React. On the side, I like to work on little projects that help make people’s lives easier.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family (wife, two sons, and dog), playing and watching soccer, re-playing my favorite board games, and trying not to embarrass Jesus Christ.

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Listen for class change in JavaScript

There isn’t an event for class list changes, but you can write a function that listens for class changes on an element with the MutationObserver API

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Latest note

Note #50

I ran into an issue this morning where Astro stopped working on my Windows machine. 2.0.9 is working on MacOS but gives the following error in Windows:

runtime: out of memory: cannot allocate 4194304-byte block (4030464 in use)
fatal error: out of memory

I don’t think this is an Astro issue, since nothing has changed since it was last working. I don’t know of anything that changed in my enviroment, but maybe there is a memory leak somewhere causing me to run out?

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