1. Edit a previous commit message

    The steps to edit recent or ancient commit messages

  2. Arguments or parameters?

    An attempt to remember the difference between the two

  3. How to pronounce my name

    A guide to pronounce my often-mispronounced name

  4. Add event listener for class change

    How to create a custom event listener for class names using the MutationObserver API

  5. Storing data in state vs. class variable

    Why do we store data in state as opposed to on the class?

  6. Filter out premium Medium articles

    Using a console script to alter the content on a webpage

  7. Adding accessibility checks to your React app

  8. Three reasons to learn Python

  9. JS Basics: Generate a random number

    Using JavaScript's Math object to generate random numbers

  10. JS Basics: Ternary Operator

    Demystifying the inline if statement

  11. Convert class components to functions with React Hooks

    A step by step guide to converting old components to modern React

  12. Accessibility Wednesday

    Learning and sharing about accessibility for everyone

  13. 2018 into 2019

    Reflecting on last year while looking forward to next

  14. Why a blog?

    An effort to preserve my content on the ever-changing web

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