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What is Hermes in React Native?

Hermes is a JavaScript engine that is designed to run on mobile devices. It helps power React Native on Android – and now iOS – devices.

Let's stop skinning cats

Proposing an alternative, more constructive idiom to "there's more than one way to skin a cat"

TypeScript without TypeScript

TypeScript provides valuable features but complicate the development process. What are some alternatives that provide the features without the headache?

Nodemon for Deno

Denon is a utility for Deno that provides source watching and process restarting just like Nodemon

Store readable data

When forced between storing data for humans or computers, choose the former.


Over my head

A list of articles, topics, and resources that are currently over my head

Free to grow

Why tests (should) free you to grow with confidence

2019 into 2020

Reflecting on last year while looking forward the next

2018 into 2019

Reflecting on last year while looking forward to next

Why a blog?

An effort to preserve my content on the ever-changing web