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What is the song from Boston Dynamic's Spot Launch video?

My three-year-old son really likes Boston Dynamics videos. He frequently requests to watch them and will parade around the house as Spot, Atlas, or Stretch/Handle. As far as little kid fixations on machines go, I think robots are a pretty cool option; he’s much more likely to work on/with robots in the future than steam engines!

One video he likes is Spot Launch, which features the titular robot navigating through a bunch of simulated work environments. It’s an entertaining video, and my son really likes dancing to the song.

The song wasn’t listed in the video description, and I couldn’t find an answer via a Google search. I did find two unanswered and archived questions on Reddit asking for help identifying the song.

With my wife’s help, I tried using the Google app’s music recognition feature. I played the YouTube video on my phone, and she let the app listen on hers. Within 5 seconds, Google had identified the song as Banana by Stony Pony. Neat!

Here are the two videos for comparison:

The version in the Boston Dynamics video has removed the word “Banana” a few times, but it is otherwise the same song.

It’s too late to answer those Reddit questions, but I added a comment to the video on YouTube. And hopefully the next person searching stumbles upon that or this article.

Happy listening!