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Get started prompt engineering with local LLMs

Ollama is an application for running large-language models locally on your computer. It gives you access to open-source LLMs that you can prompt directly with the command line or an endpoint.

To getting started with local LLMs:

  1. Download and install Ollama:
  2. When prompted, install the ollama CLI
  3. Download and run your first LLM: ollama run llama2
  4. Send your first prompt: “What is the chief end of man?”

The response will be printed to the console.

Using the CLI is nice, but a better option is to create and send prompts with a scripting language. I’m going to use Python and OpenAI’s chat completion API, since that a popular combination. For an example with JavaScript, see this documentation.

  1. Create a new python file: touch

  2. Install the openai package: pip3 install openai

  3. Set up your OpenAI client:

    from openai import OpenAI
    client = OpenAI(
         base_url="http://localhost:11434", # ll43a looks like llama
         api_key="ollama" # Unused but required
  4. Create your first completion:

    # This function is not required, but it's nice to have
    def get_completion(prompt, model="llama2", temperature=0.0):
         messages = [{"role": "user", "content": prompt}]
         response =
         return response.choices[0].message.content
    response = get_completion("What is the chief end of man?")
  5. Run your script: python3

That’s all it takes! For a good introduction to prompt writing, I recommend DeepLearning.AI’s ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers course.