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Site improvements in 2023

In 2023 I want to making this site better. Here is an unordered list of tasks that I would like to complete by the end of the year:

  • Adopt Astro content collections: I have two different systems for articles and notes, and it would be great to standardize with the new API.
  • Redesign with emphasis on personality: This will involve selecting and serving a font, which I have avoided up to this point.
  • Astro-less callouts and embeds: I want the reusability of components without needing to use MDX.
  • RSS-only articles: Seem like a fun feature (🤫 RSS Club)
  • Fix the trailing whitespace in my header links: I don’t know what the cause is — maybe something with how the Astro code is formatted?
  • Mastodon posts in the homepage: Probably a little component to load recent toots on the client.
  • Explore CMSs: I have Netlify CMS configured, but between its bugs and the lack of support I would like to find a better option.
  • FART-less dark mode: I’ve read a few different strategies for this, but I want to find the best option for this site.
  • Optimizations: I’d like to find a good/cheap solution for serving responsive images, and reduce any unnecessary network requests.

I’ll probably convert this list into GitHub issues like a good developer at some point in time. Until then!