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Reviewing my Netlify Analytics

Thanks to Netlify Analytics I know to focus on writing how-to articles, but it has less data than I hoped.

Some context: Netlify provides analytics information for $9 per month per site. They offer data from server requests including page views, unique visitors, top locations, and sources.

The numbers:

  • My site received 38,000 page views from 13,000 unique visitors in the last 30 days
  • The top location was the United States, followed distantly by Germany, France, and China
  • The most popular page was a tool for looking up words by consonant-vowel patterns
  • The most popular content were how-to articles

Trade-offs: Netlify Analytics was easy to set up with an existing project — just one click after adding payment information. But it lacks comprehensive data for informed decision making.

  • I want to know how all of my pages are performing, but Netlify’s dashboard limits you to 15 results.
  • The inclusion of bot traffic add uncertainty to the numbers.

Takeaway: People are visiting this site for guides on completing a particular task. These are broken down into two categories: tutorials and debugging.

  • In order to create value for my readers, I’m going to focus this area
  • I expect more for $9/month and probably won’t continue the subscription

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