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A Few Things #2

Here are a few things that I found interesting this week:

  1. Craft vs. Content: Resisting Mediocrity in a Dual-Existence Age by Brett and Kate McKay
    The pressure to constantly share is powerful, and it has particularly impacted makers. “The modern writer, artist, or entrepreneur is not only tasked with promoting the final product of their efforts, but sharing inside looks of their art in progress, and even offering tips on how the average viewer at home can improve their own craft”. Is there room for those who want to focus on their art and not the content around it?

  2. How the NFL got so rich by Search Party
    The NFL is one sport among many watched primarily in a country with many other popular sports. So why is it far and away the most profitable league in the world with the most valuable teams? In this video, Search Party answers this question by going back in time and comparing its development to European soccer leagues.

  3. Lightning & Thunderstorms World Map by
    Lightning is fascinating—beautify and deadly. This map shows lightning strikes and thunderstorms in real-time, and it is mesmerizing. As I write this, there are lightning storms in the Gulf of Mexico, the Middle East, and off the eastern coast of Australia.

  4. The Presidential Ham by Bijijoo
    Oil paintings of every US President holding ham. Very surreal. Not at all kosher. I’m looking forward to Biden’s portrait.