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Adding a components page

In episode 696 of Syntax, hosts Scott Tolinski and Wes Bos discussed testing components when building websites and where fully-featured solutions like Storybook struggle:

Tolinski: People often feel like if I wanna test these things or look at them in isolation, I now have to bring in some other dependency. And that’s the whole thing with Storybook: it’s its own process. It’s a whole entire app that runs within your app.

They instead proposed a simple page where you dump all of the components that you’ve created. You can create individual scenarios for components that need it without the complexity of another dependency.

Bos: You can see them all at once, and you you’re not playing whack-a-mole where you change one thing and you go, “Oh, shoot. That that broke it on this instance.”

Their components page is public, which has inspired me to create one of my own:

It’s fun to see all of the components that I’ve created for this site on a single page. And the pages combines nicely with a dev-only mock article to form a two-step testing process for making changes to this site.

I think /components pattern is a great solution for most sites, and I’m excited to use it the next time I redesign or rebuild.