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A Few Things #10

Here are a few things that I found interesting this week:

Lake Retba: The Pink Lake of Senegal

Lake Retba is one of many pink lakes in the world, that are colored by bacteria or algae. The lake is a source of salt production for the surrounding communities in addition to being a tourist attraction.

More photos:

How Farmers Reshaped a Region and Solved Drought by Andrew Millison

This is the second video that I’ve shared from Andrew Millison (see A few things #6). In this video, he learns about a community in northern India that used permaculture to transform environment for the better over the course of 45 years.

I was struck by the long-term commitment to collective action for the benefit of all. That’s the stuff that it feels like we can only dream of here in the United States.

Did Idaho Get Its Name As A Result Of A Hoax? (

The US state of Idaho may have been named a man making up a Native-American word. He initially proposed “Idaho” as a name for Colorado which was rejected. But his made-up word that meant “gem of the mountains” was planted in the minds of many, and eventually became the name of a different state.

This is, if Idaho even exists at all: