Access the home directory in Deno

If you want to access the home directory from you Deno program, you can use the Deno.env’s get method with "HOME":


In unix environments, returns a string along the lines of "/home/USER".

So if you want to write a script that accesses a configuration file like .bashrc, you could read the file with:

// read-bashrc.ts
const bashConfig = Deno.readTextFileSync(
Deno.env.get("HOME") + "/.bashrc"

Since we are accessing Deno.env, we need to run the program with the env permission:

deno run --allow-env read-bashrc.ts

Here is a Repl where you can play around with accessing the home directory in Deno.

Happy coding!

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Sean McPherson is a software engineer for Khan Academy who specializes in web and mobile app development. He lives with his wife, sons, and dog in Pittsburgh, PA. (SDG)