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How I'm using AI in July 2023

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AI products/services that I used regularly (multiple times per week):

  • GitHub Copilot ⭐: Copilot continues to be a valuable resource when coding. I was working on a script while offline, and I missed seeing it’s suggestions.

AI Products/services that I used occasionally (once per week or less):

  • Bing Images & ChatGPT: I used these for a small project (creating a fantasy RPG to play with my kids), but it didn’t end up going anywhere.
  • Khanmigo: Khan Academy has their own AI offering that I have access to through work. It’s neat, but I’m not convinced how useful it is for the average user.
  • MDN: MDN launched a new AI-powered search feature that I tried a few times. The results weren’t great: nothing for information that should have been easy to find, and some incorrect answers. But I can see potential in something like that.

AI products/services that I have access to but did not use:

  • Bard 📉
  • Bing 📉
  • Dall-E
  • Notion
  • Warp 📉