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Why Microsoft Edge?

I like trying out new browsers and try to avoid being tethered to one for too long. But ever since its switch to Chromium, I find myself coming back to Microsoft Edge.

  1. Powered by Chromium: I have issues with recent releases of Chrome, but now that Edge is powered by the same underlying technology I don’t need to choose.
  2. Size conscientious: Screen real estate is precious, and Edge is the only cross-platform browser that cares about conserving it. The combination of vertical tabs and minimal UI makes it the clear winner for smaller screens.
  3. Customizable UI: Chrome has started adding buttons to the toolbar that you can’t remove. Edge allows you to decide what icons make sense for you.
  4. Unobtrusive AI: I don’t use Copilot features often, but it’s there when I need it and out-of-the-way when I don’t.
  5. DevTools improvements: I like the vertical activity bar and the built-in accessibility checks.

If you haven’t tried the new Edge, I recommend giving it a look.