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A Few Things #8

I’m trying something different with the formatting this week. Let me know what you think.

Here are a few things that I found interesting this week:

Leaf letters: fan email for Melbourne’s trees pours in from around the world by Monica Tan (The Guardian)

Melbourne Australia registered email address for trees so that people could report damages. Instead people sent kind messages:

Hello, dear Tree. I read about this wonderful project and suppose to write you from another side of Earth - Russia. I hope you have a good care and don’t sick. One day we will meet, may be.

I hope the same for you, dear reader.

Where did all the roaches go? by Radio Atlantic via Search Engine

I wouldn’t have thought that I would be recommending media about cockroaches, but that’s long-form narrative podcasting for you! Although it is billed as the third part of a series on animals from the Search Engine podcast (which I recommend), it’s really an episode from Radio Atlantic (which I hadn’t heard of).

I’m too young to remember the cockroach days, but I remember lots of references from my youth that didn’t match reality. Pixar’s Wall-E is a good example of the lasting legacy of roaches in popular media.

One Year to Make a Game - Or Be a Janitor Forever - Devlog 0 by Wyrmyr Games

I’m a fan of the “Game Dev Log” genre on YouTube, and subscribe to a few different channels. I don’t have a passion for game development, but I appreciate documenting the building process.

This particular video is a small creator who is trying to get into game development while also working full-time as a cleaner. His fish-feeding simulator idea is intriguing, and I hope that he is able to meet his goals.