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Migrating from Google Domains to Porkbun was...

Painless. They charged a fee of around $11.00 US to transfer the domain and then handled the rest seamlessly.

I was hesitant to make the switch off of Google/Squarespace because I didn’t know how involved the process would be. I only had two domains on Google, but there was never a good time to encounter and address downtime issues during a transfer.

Thankfully, there weren’t any. I transferred a low-stakes domain first, and from start to finish it took around 15 minutes. It went so smoothly that I repeated the process with with the same results.

Thank you Google Domains for providing a good service and for facilitating an easy transition. And thank you Porkbun for being a fun alternative. I look forward to many years of service from a dedicated registrar. 🐷