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Manage your photo archive

A coworker at Khan Academy shared some advice (apparently secondhand from the New York Times) for managing your ever-growing photo archive:

  1. Every day open your photos app
  2. Search for the day’s date
  3. Review your old photos from that day
  4. Delete ones you don’t need anymore

My first thought was “That’s brilliant!” It’s a low lift but once the habit is established it ensures that you address every day of the year.

The first day I tried it, I found this photo from 2017 when I was still teaching:

Directions for a writing (?) assignment written on a whiteboard

I have no memory of this day or what I was expecting the students to do, so I deleted it. One less photo in the archive!

With strategies like this, we can reduce the amount of junk data that we all have hanging around on someone else’s server.