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Publishing a Qwik component

After hearing creator Miško Hevery on every front-end podcast that I listen to, I decided to give his new Qwik library a look. My canonical approach to learning a new library is creating a *-emoji component that wraps emojis with the appropriate HTML attributes for accessibility.

Using npm create qwik@latest, I was able to scaffold a Qwik component library quickly. Then it was a matter of writing the component using Qwik’s component$ function and exporting things in the right places.

To speak nothing of Qwik’s other features, it was a breeze writing my first component. It looks and feels just like React (thanks JSX!), and I only needed to reference the documentation one time to confirm how props worked. The project setup was great, and helped me identify some Qwik-specific TypeScript issues before I published the library.

Overall, publishing a Qwik component was a smooth and painless process. Kudos to the Qwik team for making it a great developer experience.

You can checkout my Qwik emoji library on npm, or install it yourself with:

npm i qwik-emoji