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My writing process in February 2023

Today my process for writing an article looks like this:

  1. Get an idea
  2. Add it to a Kanban board on Notion
  3. Write/edit the article in a card
  4. Run a script in my website repo to create a markdown file
  5. Copy the contents from Notion into the created file
  6. Update frontmatter, including description and tags
  7. Commit and push
  8. Netlify builds automatically

I would like to be able to write drafts and publish from one interface on desktop and mobile. To date, I haven’t found a good CMS solution.

I had Netlify CMS configured, but a jumping cursor bug made it annoying to use. I’m interested to see if Static CMS or Decap CMS, both successors, can address this and other usability issues. In the meantime, my choices are to refine my current workflow or look for alternatives.

Update 1: I originally misspelled February in the title and URL. Both have been rectified (sorry permalink fans).

Update 2: I have added two Bash aliases to improve the process:

alias blog="node ~/seanmcp/"
alias publish="(cd ~/seanmcp/ && git add src/content/articles public/images && git commit -m 'publish article' && git push)"