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Three new games on Toollama

I don’t think I’ve written about yet on this site, so here’s a quick introduction. Toollama is a loose collection of education-focused productivity tools and games. For the past year, it has been the home of all of the little apps that I create for myself, teachers, or my kids.

Over the past three weeks, I have created two new games and one new activity to help children develop core computer skills:

From a technical perspective, these are all vanilla JS, CSS, and HTML served from GitHub Pages. I’ve found that solving problems with simple tools has been a relaxing change of pace from the complex environments of work. As always, the code is open source on GitHub: turtle-guide, paint-pig, and spotlight.

These additions bring the grand total on Toollama up to 13 apps! Check it out, if you haven’t already.

Happy learning!

About the author

Sean McPherson is a software engineer for Khan Academy who specializes in web and mobile app development. He lives with his wife, sons, and dog in Pittsburgh, PA.