Three new games on Toollama

I don’t think I’ve written about yet on this site, so here’s a quick introduction. Toollama is a loose collection of education-focused productivity tools and games. For the past year, it has been the home of all of the little apps that I create for myself, teachers, or my kids.

Over the past three weeks, I have created two new games and one new activity to help children develop core computer skills:

  • 🐢 Turtle Guide: Use the arrow keys to help a little turtle find his way home
  • 🐷 Paint Pig: Use the arrow keys to help Pig paint a picture
  • 🔦 Spotlight: Use the mouse/trackpad to reveal animals hidden in color nature scenes

From a technical perspective, these are all vanilla JS, CSS, and HTML served from GitHub Pages. I’ve found that solving problems with simple tools has been a relaxing change of pace from the complex environments of work. As always, the code is open source on GitHub: turtle-guide, paint-pig, and spotlight.

These additions bring the grand total on Toollama up to 13 apps! Check it out, if you haven’t already.

Happy learning!

About the author

My name is Sean McPherson, and I am a software engineer interested in all areas of front-end development. Here I write articles about programming for developers of all levels, and occassionally other topics.

Currently I work for Khan Academy and live with my lovely family in Pittsburgh, PA.