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A Few Things #7

In #6 I shared Trivia Pig, the Wordle-inspired trivia game. After playing it for a week I can confidently say that I am not good at trivia. But my wife and I have been playing every night before bed, and it’s been fun to share our successes (but mostly failures) together.

Here are a few things that I found interesting this week:

  1. Open Syllabus: Explorer
    Recently I was looking to find a popular textbook for a given topic. That search led me to Open Syllabus, a database of over 7 million college syllabi from across the world. You can find the most commonly assigned for a given area of study. Pretty niche, but it’s great to have in your pocket for later.

  2. Best Trash Bag? Let’s Find Out! by Project Farm
    This YouTube channel has videos of comprehensive tests for competing consumer products. In this video they test trash bags to see which are the best based on their metrics. I love that they do what I think of doing when I’m at the store but know that I don’t have time for. It’s an interesting watch, but click here for the results.

  3. Living for Plants by shawcat
    Play as a skeleton caring for their plants. I had plans to build a very similar game, but this is 10 times better than anything I would have created!

  4. Obvious Plant Store
    My wife showed me this store, and we both shared a good laugh. You will either think these are funny or you won’t. Which I now realize is true of all things but particularly these.