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Site update May 2024

I just landed a PR that made some changes to this site. It started as an experiment to move from Netlify to Cloudflare, but then turned into Spring cleaning. Here is a summary of all the changes:

  • Removed dark mode: I’m sorry if dark mode was your preference (it was mine too), but I didn’t like the ongoing cost of maintaining multiple themes. Now it’s just light mode, but that will change in the future.
  • Removed /contact: No one used it, and my email address is in the footer of every page.
  • Removed likes: It was an interesting experiment, but a) it wasn’t valuable to me and b) it locked me in to specific platform features.
  • Removed analytics: I hadn’t checked the analytics in months, and even when I did it never had an impact on my decisions.
  • Removed Netlify: This included Netlify CMS and an /admin route I never used, Netlify CLI, Netlify edge functions, and a single Netlify form.
  • Replaced /fn/random with /articles/random: A feature for random articles is fun, and this iteration handles everything with client-side JavaScript.

Now that the work is done, I don’t actually have plans to move off Netlify. I didn’t see the performance improvements that others have reported, so inertia will keep me here for now1. But I like the idea that I could move quickly if/when the need arises.


  1. Hopefully I don’t live to regret that decision.