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Node.js is great for scripting

This week I was working on a project that reads 6.4 MB of text files (the complete English Bible), does some processing and computation, and then outputs JSON data. You can see result of that work on GitHub.

In times past, I’ve felt pressure to reach for a “proper scripting language” like Python or a more performant one like Go. But I feel like we’ve reached the point where Node.js is a great choice for scripting.

I’m not arguing that everyone should be using Node.js for scripting, nor that it is the best solution for every problem in every environment. And if you prefer Rust or Go or Ruby or WhatEver, go for it!

But if you’re a developer who is comfortable working in the JavaScript ecosystem, don’t be hesitant to reach for Node.js. It’s a great option for your next script.

Happy coding!

About the author

Sean McPherson is a software engineer for Khan Academy who specializes in web and mobile app development. He lives with his wife, sons, and dog in Pittsburgh, PA.