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Adobe has the worst captcha

I signed up for a Behance account today and needed to complete the worst captcha1 that I have ever experienced:

A captcha with pictures of a number and a pile of dice that you are required to sum

Adobe presents you with the image of a number and a picture of a pile of dice. You are required to find sum the dice and then compare it to the number. That is painful enough, but not out of bounds for captchas.

The worst part is that you are presented with 12 pictures of dice and you need to find the sum of every one. Doing that once would be annoying, but you are required to complete the task 10 times.

So in order verify that you are a human, Adobe requires that you find the sum of up to 120 pictures of dice. 120! Absurd.

(The audio captcha was similarly bad, but I didn’t have the patience to work through all of the audio clips required for one step of the task. So save that review for later.)

I understand the need for captchas, but this is exceptionally bad. We need to find a better balance between security and user experience. Whatever the solution is, this is definitely not it.


  1. Wikipedia uses CAPTCHA because it is an acronym, but I don’t want to shout.