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A Few Things #1

Here are a few things that I found interesting this week:

  1. From-To by Franz Labs
    From-To is an app that helps you understand a city that you’re visiting by comparing it to a city that you already know. Later this year, my wife and I are planning a trip to Colorado Springs, but we’ve never been to Colorado before. Using From-To, I can compare Springs to our hometown of Pittsburgh to see what neighborhoods are similar. Definitely worth bookmarking for your next trip. (h/t Chris Coyier)

  2. GovDocs to the Rescue! Debunking an Immigration Myth by Rosemary Meszaros and Katherine Pennavaria
    Here in the United States, it is very common to hear that a family’s name was changed at Ellis Island. But researchers Meszaros and Pennavaria have dispelled the myth by comparing government records before and after visiting Ellis Island. They found that these records “demonstrate conclusively that immigrants left Ellis Island with the same surnames they had arrived with.” (h/t Morning Brew)

  3. The glassmith tactic by Greg Gilbert
    AI and Large Language Models will change content creation forever. Instead of competing with the machine, Gilbert suggests looking to artisans for inspiration. “The [glassblowers] didn’t merely sell you a vase. No, they sold you a vase and a story.”

  4. Starcatcher by Escada Games
    Starcatcher is a little browser based game where you play as an astronaut trying to collect stars on chunks of space debris. The trick is that gravity changes based on where you character is facing, which makes it a challenging and mind-bending experience.