TypeScript mega-course on Egghead.io

This playlist has been updated. Check out the latest version of my TypeScript “mega-course” on Egghead.io.

I would say that I have “functional” understanding of TypeScript. I can get the job done (at least most of the time), but as soon as the types get hairy I struggle.

As TypeScript contiues grow in popularity, this will become a liability. To fix this, I have set a professional goal to improve my understanding of TypeScript.

Niche.com provides us with a membership to Egghead.io, so I’ve cobbled together multiple courses on TypeScript:


  1. Up and Running with TypeScript by John Lindquist (22 min)
  2. Use Types Effectively in TypeScript by Ari Picker (29 min)
  3. Async/Await using TypeScript by Basarat Ali Syed (17 min)
  4. Practical Advanced TypeScript by Rares Matei (62 min)
  5. Advanced Static Types in TypeScript by Marius Schulz (67 min)
  6. Optional: Use TypeScript to develop React Applications by Basarat Ali Syed (27 min)

The plan is to complete these courses over the next three weeks. At the end, I’ll review the mega-course and update the order if necessary.

Happy coding!


Sean McPherson

My name is Sean McPherson (SeanMcP), and I am a software engineer and educator in Pittsburgh, PA. I have given conference talks, lead workshops, and organized meetups. Here I write articles about programming for developers of all levels.