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Updated TypeScript mega-course on

Last month, I embarked on a journey to learn TypeScript better. I hand-crafted a TypeScript”mega-course” on by cobbling multiple courses into one.

My goal was to complete the course in three weeks. Now a month and a half later, I have completed the course and am ready to reflect on my experience.

Overall, it was a beneficial experience. I learned a lot more about types and how to write meaningful generics that will help make my code more reusable.

I also gained a greater appreciation for TypeScript as a language. There were some examples where I needed to stop the video and try to read what was happened. I know TS is technically a super-set of JavaScript, but it is 100% a proficiency of its own.

Updated Mega-course

After completing the course, I want to update and annotate the original syllabus. Here is the updated course playlist:

  1. Optional: Up and Running with TypeScript by John Lindquist (22 min)
    • This was helpful, but very basic. Consider skipping this if you already know how to set up a TypeScript project
  2. Use Types Effectively in TypeScript by Ari Picker (29 min)
    • This was a great introduction into TypeScript on its own. I learned a lot about generics, which are an important feature.
  3. Practical Advanced TypeScript by Rares Matei (62 min)
    • I took more notes on this course than any of the others. This was definitely the material I needed to introduce me to more advanced TypeScript.
  4. Advanced Static Types in TypeScript by Marius Schulz (67 min)
    • There was some overlap between this course and the previous, but they both did a good job of explaining core type concepts.

The updated runtime is 2 hours and 38 minutes to 3 hours, depending on whether you include the optional introduction.

It also drops both of Basarat Ali Syed’s courses, Async/Await using TypeScript and Use Typescript to develop React Applications. Both were fine but ultimately weren’t substantial enough to be included in the mega-course.

I hope that was helpful! Let me know if you take this TypeScript “mega-course” on and what you think about it.

Happy learning!