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Migrating to

Today I migrated from to You can find me In the process, I found this guide by Josh Justice to be really helpful.

Why migrate? I initially migrated to Fosstodon from because I wanted an instance that was more focused on technology. I dabble in open-source maintenance, so the FOSS part of Fosstodon was intriguing.

What I did not realize at the time is that FOSS is its own thing. There was tons of discussion about Linux distros and desktop environments that went way over my head. I’m a general fan in free and open-source software but not big enough.

I’m more interested in the indie-web scene than FOSS, so I’m thinking that the new instance will be a better fit. But we’ll see! The grass is always greener 🌱

Following account were migrated and links here have been updated. Come say hi!