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How I'm using AI in October 2023

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This feels like the breakthrough month. I moved to a new project at Khan Academy working on AI, and I found myself reaching for AI-powered tools more frequently throughout October. I can see a future where I use some of these daily.

AI products/services that I used regularly (multiple times per week):

  • GitHub Copilot ⭐: Copilot continues to be a valuable resource when coding.
  • Chat GPT 📈: I don’t know if the quality of the answers changed or I just had better questions to ask, but I found myself using it regularly this month.

AI Products/services that I used occasionally (once per week or less):

  • Cursor: A VS-Code-like editor with ChatGPT built in. I used it once while pairing with a coworker and it was neat.
  • Warp: Same as last update, I probably use this feature once a week to help with a command that I know exists but can’t remember.

AI products/services that I have access to but did not use:

  • Bard
  • Bing
  • Claude
  • Khanmigo
  • Dall-E
  • MDN
  • Notion