My best Slack emojis

I like reaction emojis and have spent an embarrassing amount of time making new ones for myself and my coworkers. These are some of my creations that were popular or just my favorites:

Image Name
ack :ack:
all in this together :all-in-this-together:
all seeing eye :all-seeing-eye:
avalanche :avalanche:
awe :awe:
do it :do-it:
does not equal :does-not-equal:/:dne:
eagle eye :eagle-eye:
frankenstein's monster :frankensteins-monster:
good point :good-point:
good question :good-question:
interesting :interesting:
it's alive :its-alive:/:frankenstein:
nail biter :nail-biter:
nerves :nerves:
nice catch :nice-catch:
not crying :not-crying:
ope :ope:
save your money :save-your-money:
shakes head :shakes-head:
shivers :shivers:
so close :so-close:
team :team:
this :this:
this week i learned :this-week-i-learned:/:twil:
thumbs down :thumbs-down:
too big :too-big:
very interesting :very-interesting:
yuck :yuck:
yikes :yikes:

Feel free to take inspiration or add to your workspace.

Happy reacting!

About the author

Sean McPherson is a software engineer for Khan Academy who specializes in web and mobile app development. He lives with his wife, sons, and dog in Pittsburgh, PA. (SDG)