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Tools for custom Slack emojis

Custom emojis are a fun way to customize your Slack workplace. The fun, silly, and can provide some genuine utility for the rest of your team.

Slack already has a guide for adding custom emojis, so I won’t be reinventing the wheel here. But I wanted to share some of the online tools that I use to whip out some fresh emojis for every occasion.


Google Images

When looking for an emoji, I usually start with a Google Images search. Once I get the results, I use their tools to change the color and the usage rights.

  • Tools > Color > Transparent: Gets you those sweet transparent backgrounds
  • Tools > Usage Rights: I don’t often do this because most images are not correctly labelled, but it’s still good to know

Once I find the perfect image, just right-click and download the image or save the URL to use in another tool.


Sometimes the perfect image from Google is an SVG, but sadly Slack does not support SVG emojis. Enter SVG to PNG, which – you guessed it – converts SVGs to usable PNGs.

Remove BG

Other times the perfect image is a JPG or something with a solid white background. You can use these as emojis, but they don’t look as nice. Instead, you can take that image and easily remove the background with removebg.

EZ Gif

This is probably my favorite tool on this list because it works so well. Despite the name, is for editing all types of images with crops, resizes, optimizations, and other effects. The neatest bit is that you can pipe the output from one edit into another.

You might start with one image from Google, then crop it, resize it, and optimize it to make it ready for Slack.

I hope that helps! Happy reacting!