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Solid VS Code extensions

I use VS Code as my daily editor, and one of its best features is the wide selection of extensions. However, as with any other large marketplace, discoverability is a real issue.

In an attempt to resolve that issue, here is a curated list of some great VS Code extensions that you might not have tried before:

  • Code Spell Checker: This extension has saved me from committing embarrassing spelling mistakes on multiple occasions.

  • Copy GitHub URL: Adds commands to copy the URL for the current location on GitHub. Obviously more helpful if you use GitHub a lot.

  • es6-string-html: Adds syntax highlighting for ES6’s multiline strings. Just add a comment /*html*/ and your backticked strings are more usable.

  • Format Comment: Adds a command to nicely format comments. Really nice if you prefer the // syntax to /** */ (which VS Code already formats nicely.

  • Live Server: Adds a button to the bottom status bar to launch a local development server in the current directory. Never Google “serve directory python” again!

  • Search node_modules: Adds a command to search the node_modules/ directory in your project. VS Code ignores those files by default, so having a method to go spelunking in your dependencies is really handy.

Happy extending!