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Changes to the RSS Club

This is a special article for the RSS Club, but feel free to save or share this link. You can join by subscribing to my RSS feed.

Last month I created this RSS Club for special articles shared exclusively with my RSS subscribers. The idea came from Dave Rupert, but I differed from his pattern by omitting articles entirely from my website. I said at the time:

If you want to read that content, the only way to do so is with an RSS reader.

That decision was a mistake, so I’m going to make some changes. It remains true that the only way to find an article for the RSS Club is with an RSS reader, but I made some changes internally to create pages for them. That way you can bookmark an interesting article, and/or share it with someone else.

My current plan is to send articles to the RSS Club monthly. Will they all be RSS-related? That remains to be seen 😅, but stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you: what is your RSS reader of choice and what do you like about it? Let me know by email:

If I get some interesting responses, I’ll include them in a future article.