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Workshop: Publishing to npm


In this workshop, we will learn about node modules and npm, the JavaScript package registry. We will create a simple module and then publish for the world to see. We will then learn about releasing updated packages by converting our original code from JavaScript to TypeScript.

Topics covered


In order to participate in this workshop, you need:

  1. an npm account
  2. npm-cli installed (comes with node.js)
  3. a computer, and
  4. a stable internet connection

Part One

  1. What is a node module?
  2. Components
    • package.json
      • “name”
      • “version”
      • “main”
    • index.js
  3. Making an simple module: @<USERNAME>/utils
  4. Capitalize function
  5. Testing our module
  6. Preparing for release
    • npm version major
  7. Publishing our module
  8. Public scoped
    • “private”

Part Two

  1. TypeScript conversion
    • Rename and convert to TS
    • Add dev dependency: npm i -D typescript
    • Add tsconfig.json
      • “include”
      • “compilerOptions”
        • “target”
        • “module”
        • “declaration”
  2. Plug-in TypesScript
    • Add “scripts” to package.json
      • “build”: “tsc”
    • Add “types” to package.json
  4. Semantic versioning
  5. Preparing for release
    • npm version minor
  6. Publishing v1.1.0