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Digital gardens are collections of notes and information that will grow and change over time.

VIVO sit/stand desk

Issues and solutions for my VIVO sit/stand desk


Fonts (typefaces) that I like and where to find them

Cairn RPG

Resources and more for Cairn, the rules-light tabletop roleplaying game


Latin phrases that are good to know

Five-room Dungeons

General recommendations for creating five-room dungeons for your adventure games


Resources on debugging

Documenting this site

Python Reference

A quick reference guide for working in Python

Coding Music

A growing list of artists that I like to listen to while programming.


A list of some of my favorite podcasts

VS Code

A garden all about VS Code


A growing list of little things that make working with Jest a little better

Slack Emojis

A curated list of the best reaction emojis that I have created for Slack

React Native

A growing list of terms you need to recognize when working in React Native


A garden all about Git

Over my head

A list of articles, topics, and resources that are currently over my head

Programming reads

A list of articles, books, and resources for software engineers